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Hello friends,

I’d like to announce my latest ebook, TRANSITIONS, about a woman who is in need of a new start but still confronting issues from her childhood.  If you click on the sidebar link, it will take you to Amazon.

Each time I think I’m going to stick with writing plays and scripts, something calls me back to my books.  

If it’s your first time visiting, here’s some background on my career:

My first published book was JITTERS, about a woman’s fear of losing her identity through marriage. After being rejected by agents and publishing houses alike, I released it in trade paperback.  I also marketed gift baskets PMS (pre-marital stress) with the book included, and managed to get reviewed in some bridal magazines.  It was in through a tiny advertisement I had put in one of those magazines (and not the Publishers Weekly review) that my book was discovered and produced as a Lifetime Original Movie.

I was pursued by agents, had three over a period of years, none of whom were able to sell my mass market rights to JITTERS or any rights to my subsequent books.  Frustrated, I self-published MOTHER, after receiving very positive letters from agents who still declined to take it to publishers.  Within months, my book ended up in the hands of the editor of the Literary Guild who purchased the hard cover rights, and with some editing, released MOTHER through Madison Park Press, the publishing arm of the book club business.  As an added blessing, MOTHER was the main selection of the Literary Guild and Doubleday Book Clubs.  It was my hope to stay with Madison Park Press but the company closed their publishing business and I was without a publisher again.

Over the past few years, I’ve been focusing on other projects but every now and then releasing an Ebook. This month, I am releasing my novel FAT CAMP as a paperback through Amazon.  There is something about holding a book that makes it feel very real, even though I do use Ebooks as my primary method of reading.  If you want information, click on the tab above.

Please, as always, let me know what you think.  And thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

Linda R.